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UZR Announces Studio Imaging Application

UZR Studio Photographer: Integration of High End Image Processing with an Advanced Camera Control

UZR announces the release of an advanced imaging application especially suited for professional photo studios. This new application synchronizes and calibrates any desired number of cameras which are automatically controlled and released. With this technology, even moving objects like humans can be digitized with ease.

Flexible Content Generation

But the new product is not restricted to 2D output formats such as 360 degree presentations. "The camera sychronization and the calibration of the system enables us to automatize the object image separation" says Eric Sommerlade, UZRs CEO. "The calibration data is perfect for image optimization, and we can automatically produce high quality 360 degree views and 3D models of the captured object." Integration of 2D photography and 3D computer graphics is yet one innovative studio photography application example.

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